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What is WebTennisDrills?
It is the go-to site where you can find the best tennis practice plans, tennis drills, stroke progressions, footwork and fitness exercises.
This was the inspired idea of a tennis teaching professional who thought that sharing all his tennis knowledge will be of benefit to thousands of tennis coaches, tennis parents and future tennis stars.

Why do you need WebTennisDrills?
If you are a coach, you will have 24 hour access to high quality tennis drills and lesson plans to make your students fall in love with your tennis classes.
As a tennis parent you will know how to introduce this sport to your aspiring tennis champion in a fun and creative way.
If you are a tennis player, you will have a lot of easy to access information to make tennis practices the opposite of boring - fun to be on the court.

Here is what you can find on this site: 
- tennis drills that coaches can use in their lessons with 2, 3, 4 or large number of players
- step-by-step progressions for learning / teaching the main tennis strokes (serve, forehand, volley etc.)
- lesson plans that tennis coaches can conveniently apply with their students
- drills to learn or practice tactics and strategies in tennis
- fun games for little kids' lessons
- drills to improve speed and conditioning
- mental strength drills for singles and doubles
- and much more!

Number of tennis drills / games as of today

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"I commend you on sharing your knowledge in this regard, because your website has certainly give me great ideas on creating new drilling formats and sequences for my classes, keep up the great work" - Jason L.

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"I think your drills are excellent. It would have been nice to have these while I was coaching at the college and high school level.” - Cheryl S.

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Net War 

net war

Two players A and B begin this drill both at the service line, opposite sides. Both of them cover only half court (from doubles line up to the center line and imaginary extension of it).

Either one of the players can put the ball in play (with a drop-and-hit). From here on, the two of them battle the point out working on volleys, half-volleys, lobs and overheads. 

Every point begins from the service line.

Play first to win 11 points. 

Note: This is an excellent game to improve quick reflexes at the net and volley consistency.






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